On September 27, 1991, Brett Angel is born. Striving through life as a only child raised by his single mother, Brett started his music journey at a young age. At age 6 he wrote his first song and eventually purchased his own microphone at age 13 from saving his lunch money in school. Determined to become a musician, Brett set out to start recording music but then his career almost ended after he fell in love. Being a kid he put his career aside and fed into the infatuation of love. That didn't last long before broken hearts were scattered and his remnants for music were brought out heavily. At age 18 Brett decided he was going to do everything it took to become a professional. One year later he decided to take his career to Jacksonville Florida with the increasingly large population he thought it held potential for a career to be established. That didn't last long before Brett and his posse had to move back to Ohio and start from scratch. In 2011 Brett single handily handed out 10,000 mix tapes in Ohio. Through being in and out of relationships, Brett decided no more relationships, relationships are dangerous. He was going to utilize his lonesomeness and put all his time in his work and funding his career. Brett's determination is what sets him apart from others in his field. On a mission to change the world in the most positive way possible, Brett has created his brand titled "Angelz". They are on a mission to expand with no limitations and take over. Brett Angel is surely someone to look out for in the peak of this generation.