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Brett Angel, a.k.a. Project Angel, is an singer/ producer/ songwriter who surely chases his dreams. Learning from past experiences and turning the negative into positive is what defines one of his strongest characteristics. Early in his life the loss of two close people, one, his beloved grandfather, pushed him to search and become a lot of what his talent is today. The other, his best friend, was taken by a gun shot, which forever changed Project Angel's path in life.

Writing his first song was a rap song at 6 years old, Project Angel's journey nearly ended when his mother, who had raised him by herself, was not pleased with the language that he used in the song, and told him not to do it anymore. Instead, he began to learn poetry and songwriting also taking rapping more seriously. Purchasing his first microphone at age 13, he focused on songwriting to relate to others. When he learned how to sing is when he really started pursuing his music career.

Since his teens, he has performed in venues from Jacksonville, Florida to various cities around Ohio. He has opened up for well-known artist Twista, Mike Jones, Gorilla Zoe, and Young Buck. Shotta Bwoy of Atlantic Records has spent time showing Project Angel more about the music business as a sign of support for his talents and efforts. As young as 18 years of age, Project Angel had distributed over 10,000 mix-tapes across major cities in Ohio.

Now 22 years of age, Project Angel is aiming for a bigger direction by doing all the work his self in terms of producing, photography, videos, DJ and is trying to pursue a dream of being publishing. Project Angel has released two rap mix-tapes in 2012-early 2013. With his latest efforts showing an even newer and unique style in his sound, Project Angel is projecting his musical side in a rare new form with his singing and his production. Inching closer to his dreams, Project Angel is going to prove to world that he has what it takes to be the best.